Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More on Bo - The Honest Obama

It is beyond doubt that we often learn the most about people in contexts in which they do not intend for us to be instructed. We learn more about the true character of a man, in other words, when he is not aware we are watching his character, than we learn when he has a chance to play the part of the person he wants us to see him as.

As I have watched and re-watched the video of Bo Obama's press conference [insert both (!) and (???) here], a couple of matters strike me about The Dear Leader.

First, Billy Bob Barry Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama is likely the most radically sanctimonious individual in human history, except for each and every one of his Democratic supporters.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to walk [the dog]?
A: It is all of our responsibility. We take turns walking the dog.

Yes, of course.

A group of important-looking men with expensive briefcases sit at a round table, with Billy Bob Barry Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama the obvious center of their attention. Exhaling strongly - partly from frustration and partly from fear - a nattily-dressed 60-year old soldier with stars on his shoulder rises and intones in a weary voice, "Mr. President, we have pirates in the Indian ocean, a Taliban counteroffensive in Afghanistan, North Korea is pointing a nuclear missle at the West Coast, and French radicals have overrun the Iraqi government."

Nervously glancing at his watch, The Dear Leader apologetically offers, "Sorry guys. I gotta step out for a few, it is time for Bo's 10:15 a.m. constitutional."

But for sheer self-righteousness, nothing beats the the faux earnestness with which Obama pronounces, as if he has just returned from Mt. Sinai, "We want to make sure that we are responsible dog owners, and we hope everyone else is too." And note the tone with which this is said. Pure Reverend Wright.

As if he had just received a new revelation from Jehovah. Or Allah. Or whomever. Way to take a controversial moral stand, Mr. President.

The second matter that I found informative in this video is the whole "tomato section." In this section (beginning at about the 3:00 mark on the below-posted video), Obama notes that Portuguese Water Dogs reportedly have a fondness for the tomato, which apparently places Michelle Obama's garden in imminent danger.

To which Michelle somewhat testily replies, "I don't think we have any tomatoes planted."

Note that, even among the highest strata of those with liberal ambitions, the pretenses of feminism are quickly shed when the actual function of family is involved. The female, no matter how "strong," "independent," and sold on the various feminist (false) dogmas, is simply desiccated and domesticated, relegated to playing second fiddle to the glorious alpha male, who is ultimately the center of the world's attention and who is far too busy with "real work" and is, after all, too important to be expected to keep up with the day-to-day goings-on at home.

All that is, of course, "women's work."

So a century of feminist agitation has changed... nothing.

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  1. Do Portuguese Water Dogs eat linguiƧa?