Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barack Obama: Foreign Policy Genius

On the day after Billy Bob Barry Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama was elected, I noted that the world - and the United States in particular - would be less safe because of his election.

I stated that in this blog entry: .

Obama's lack of a realistic vision of human nature, especially as such a vision translates into an effective foreign policy, guarantees that there will be more terrorist attacks on Americans and that foreign policy interests will suffer.

George H. W. Bush, and his son Dubya, while constantly criticized by the neurotic left, actually managed to secure significant cooperation from foreign governments in their foreign policy excursions. I still remember the utter surprise I felt when I learned that the Saudi Arabian government was cooperating with the U.S. in the Iraq operation. And of course, George W. managed to get nearly worldwide cooperation for both the actions in Iraq and in Afghanistan - even from the likes of the French and the Japanese.

Obama set as a core goal of his G20 trip to gain commitments from current allies to send more of their troops into Afghanistan.

As everything involving foreign policy for Obama - from his Russian "easy button" to the G20 itself - he was an utter and complete failure.

Our closest allies, the British, committed to send 700 additional troops - but only for the time surrounding upcoming elections in Afghanistan. Obama had sought in excess of 1,000 troops with a commitment to much longer involvement.

Other than that, only the Belgians and Spanish are sending troops. The Belgians will send 35 "trainers," and the Spanish will send 12. Yes, you read that right - 47 new troops combined from those two countries.

Story here: .

And every other country flatly turned Obama down.

This whole alliance-building thing is a lot harder than it appears from the ivory tower of a law school, isn't it Skippy?... errrrrr, I mean Mr. Obama?

And apparently it takes much more than petulant scolding to have an effect on the psychopaths in North Korea. After Obama smarmily reminded the Communists that North Korea's unwillingness to be properly put in their place by his "warnings" was precisely the type of behavior "that has led to North Korea's isolation in the international community for a long time" on April 3, Pyongyang launched a test missle over Japan on April 5.

Story here: .

Billy Bob Barry Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama is the proverbial dog chasing the bus. Now that he has caught the bus, he doesn't know what to do with it.

I am sure there are some foreign powers who rejoice, even as we watch these events unfold, that Americans do not have a baseline expectation of competence in their chief executives any longer....

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