Thursday, April 9, 2009

Turkish Reporter Mocks Obama in Blackface

Apparently traveling overseas with one's hat in one's hand and insulting your own country in a misguided attempt to curry favor with the subjects of a foreign land, is not a very effective way of gaining respect. Appeasement has a bad historical record, according to some guy named Neville Chamberlain....

This Turkish reporter mocks Barack Obama by delivering the news in blackface.

Where are all the American Poverty Pimps and Race Whores complaining about this one?

Lesson: If you engage in principled opposition to a black liberal in America, you are a racist, though your disagreements center only on ideas and have nothing to do with skin color. But if you are a foreigner (especially a Muslim!) who paints his face in mockery of a black US president, liberals will be glad to overlook it.

After all, to criticize their actions would be so Eurocentric and would demonstrate a lack of tolerance. We need to learn to appreciate the expression of thought from other nations, don't we, O ye liberals? Multiculturalism, man!

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