Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Obamazombie Stupidity

The unthinking masses, those who believe that Oprah is a legitimate source of morality, and those that actually think that The Daily Show is a news source - in short, the Obamazombies, are now out in force defending their Messiah with their agile mental midgetry.

In the face of the foverwhelming evidence demonstrating that Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama is in fact 1) a liar and 2) incompetent, the Obamazombie Club (decoder ring in every fourth box of Ghetto Fabulous Sugar Smacks) is amassing its forces to come to the rescue of its cowardly cult leader.

Now, never expect an Obamazombie to engage you on the facts concerning The One. Of course, they never knew any facts about him when they decided to support him. They never knew any facts because there were no facts - Barack Obama holds the singular distinction of being the only man to ever have penned an autobiography without having first bothered to accomplish anything - rather, the Obamazombie supports The One because of some special spiritual insight obtained by their existence upon a higher spiritual plane than us wee commoners. Well, either that or too many anchovies after 8 pm, or maybe that peculiar diagnosis that they take the Xanex for... but why are we trying to figure out HOW the Obamazombie discovered The Truth about The One. The fact is that they DID discover it!

Now, let's take a look at the rhetorical flair of the Obamazombie when s/he is confronted with the facts about The (Other) Messiah.

1) It's all Bush's fault. This is a peculiar argument (peculiarity being a distinguishing trait of the Obamazombie), since the salient factors which have brought about the current economic melee both preceded Bush's tenure in office, and followed it.

The simplistic thinking of the simpleton liberal left is thoroughly revealed in its engagement in the philosophical error known as post hoc, propter hoc, which loosely translated means that "Since it followed, it was caused by." Since the mortgage meltdown and economic troubles (roughly) followed eight years of George W. Bush, then certainly Bush must have caused the whole mess. By this same type of meager excursion into attempted adult thinking, Obamazombies would determine that because Summer follows Winter, it is thereby caused by Winter.

However, even the surface logic of the Obamazombie reveals more than a touch of "Once upon a time, in a land far away...." Because the specific problems that led to the economic meltdown are only tangentially related to the Bush administration - i.e., such was the law when Bush came into office. But rather, the stupendous (or, in the Democrats' case, "stupindous") error which led to the meltdown was an initiative crafted at the hands of one Billy Bob Clinton, and various Democrats (particularly the Congressional Black Caucus) "empowered" by his oral fixations in the mid- and late-nineties.

It was, in fact, a Clinton intitiative (no doubt a part of his being our nation's "First Black President") to "reach out" to minorities who could not afford to own their own homes by demanding that they, in fact, be given access to mortgages. That there was a causal connection between someone not having a mortgage and their not being able to pay a mortgage was, of course, incidental to the thinking of the Clintonistas and their Fascist-Democratic friends - after all, ability or merit has never entered into the calculation when a bunch of socialists sit down and begin to plot how to redistribute wealth!

Nevertheless, as the great evangelist was known for preaching, there comes "Payday Someday," and that payday began to come due at the end of the Bush administration. Somehow, often through SECOND mortgages taken out to sustain the first, those who were unable to pay their mortgage had floated along, but when no more money could be lent to those who obtained mortgages only by the temper tantrums of the Congressional Black Caucus, the mortgage system failed and a domino effect ensued.

So the primary problem - that of the entire banking system faltering on its foundation - was not related to Bush at all, except as he inherited banking regulations authored by Democrats and Billy Bob "Floral Oral" Clinton which demanded unwise behavior by bankers.

All of this is documented here: .

What about the secondary problem?

Well, the secondary problem in all of this mess is how Dorkus Maximus, otherwise known as Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama, has decided to respond to the problem that he and his Socialist Komrades have caused, supported, and/or pushed over the years.

I have an idea, he seems to say. Let's respond to a bunch of money that has been borrowed which folks are now unable to repay by borrowing a bunch of money that there is no hope that anyone will ever repay.

As I have so eloquently stated previously (see ), the spending spree... errrrrrr, economic bailout now totals essenitally the amount of the Gross Domestic Product. As I have so eloquently additionally stated, the vast majority of all deficit spending done in all 200+ years of American history (see the same above-referenced blog entry) has occurred during the first less than 100 days of the Obama administration. These are facts that are undeniable, even to the morally and mentally challenged Obamazombies.

Now, because Obamazombies are ignorami (that is the plural of ignoramus, for those of you Obamazombies who went to public school), they do not understand that Obama is not the first U.S. president to have taken office during an economic crisis. Of course, Obamazombies do not understand ANYTHING, but that is beside the point. Both Kennedy and Reagan faced turbulent economic times and responded by cutting taxes - which forthwith produced a measure of economic health. Nixon and Carter, of course, responded with hiking taxes and spending simultaneously (the Obama plan) and turned a bad economy worse.

Even George W., inheriting an economic slowdown begun under Clinton (because of his massive spending increases) and exacerbated by 9/11, responded by cutting taxes and providing business stimulus and brought the economy back to health even after the catastrophe that could have been due to the terrorist attacks. Bush responded appropriately and wisely to a far greater potential catastrophe than Obama inherited.

So, the real problem is not what Obama inherited, it is what he has done since he inherited it - which is to say that he has (thus far) responded like Karl Marx on crack. He took a $4 trillion deficit accumulated over 200 years of American history and added nearly $5 trillion to it in his first less than 100 days.

So as those who are capable of sound logic (yes, I know Obamazombies, they don't teach that in public schools anymore do they?) can clearly see, the economic meltdown was CAUSED by Democrats and IS BEING EXACERBATED by Obama.

2) Everything anybody says that is negative about Obama is B.S. See discussion above. Note that historical facts are cited. Note that websites with voluminous amounts of information are provided. Can you produce counterevidence? Are you arguing that the facts are NOT as stated? Can you provide proof and a cogent argument to that effect?

I know, I know, the public schools don't teach the word "cogent" anymore. Look it up.

3) I choose to believe in Obama. Yes, and Obama chooses to believe in Fascism. And the six-year old next door chooses to believe in fairys.

The facts are pretty clear, though.

Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama is not up to the job. He is at best a liar and an incompetent. At worse, he intends to do damage to the United States so that he may remold it in the image of his own radicalism.


  1. "It's all Bush's fault" Kinda like a Clinton toe-sucker I once knew. When I asked him "Why it is right, proper and a-ok that your president wagged his finger in your face, and the face of every American, and lied?", his unfailingly repetitive reply was, "Because Reagan lied!" My response was simply, "So, he's not his own man?"

  2. When you have nothing factual or logical to argue - attack the other guy!