Thursday, April 2, 2009

Barack Obama: Ghetto Fabulous

There is a type of populism that is admirable. Think of Thomas Jefferson answering the door of the White House himself. And in his bathrobe.

But then there is a type of cluelessness born of being firmly rooted in the lower classes, no matter how much wealth and power one may amass.

And Barack Obama is one of the most classless individuals on the planet, for shizzle.

When the leaders of two countries meet for the first time, it is customary for them to exchange gifts with one another. Generally, the gifts are simple, classy, and unique expressions of some aspect of the home country's culture or history. Think of a bottle of wine from France, or something containing a small diamond from South Africa.

When Barack Obama met English Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the first time in the White House, Brown brought him an exquisite carved ornamental pen holder from the planks of the English anti-slavery ship, HMS Gannet. Simple. Exquisite. Unique. Meaningful. Reservedly English.

In return, Barack Obama offered to Prime Minister Brown a sack of 25 DVDs. Now wait - good DVDs. Psycho was one of them. Star Wars.

As of today, more than 2,000 letters of apology from U.S. citizens have been received by the English government.

Brown's gift? Exquisite. Meaningful. Obama's gift? Wal-Mart. Trailer park. Ghetto.

To make matters worse, Obama seems blissfully ignorant that DVDs are regionally coded, to make it impossible for new DVD releases to be mass-released overseas while the movies themselves are still in theaters in foreign countries. So the DVDs given by Obama are not even capable of being played in England.

Ghetto fabulous.

See the article in the Christian Science Monitor here: .

So this week Obama meets the Queen of England for the first time. Again, a traditional gift is presented to her. She is, after all, the Queen.

Obama's gift? An ipod.

An ipod filled with his own speeches. Yes, Barack Obama's speeches.

I'm not kidding

See it here: .

And to make matters worse, the Queen already owned an ipod.

So I think I can anticipate Billy Bob Barry Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama's re-election slogan: VOTE FOR ME. I'M GHETTO FABULOUS.

Is there any place to hide from this lower class buffoon?

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