Sunday, August 30, 2009

Proposed Presidential Portrait of Obama

Proposed Official Presidential Portrait of Barack Hussein Hoover Muhammad bin Obama (c)

I want to get into the act while the money is still good. Numerous artists have made scads of money developing striking portraits designed to bring out our Fair President's essence. I offer my interpretation not only to make money in the present (I think you will agree that the above offering would make an excellent T-shirt!), but I think that my interpretation works well to memorialize The One as his eventual official presidential portrait.

The reasons why my interpretation is such a fitting one are obvious, but being the utter pedant that I am, I cannot resist explaining my artistic composition.

First, note the similarity to Obama's official propaganda seal:

The similarity between the two will help Obama's supporters, a class largely illiterate, to identify the significance of the portrait! The round shape, mimicking the "O" in Obama, the white background ringed by a border. This has the classic shape of an old-timey reader, helping the illiterate to learn their ABCs and basic words: A is for apple, B is for boy, O is for zero or Obama! Who says that I do not "respect diversity?" My design appeals to both those who can read (Republicans) and those who cannot (Obama Supporters).

Secondly, note that the proposed official portrait stunningly encapsulates the contribution that Barack Hussein Hoover Muhammad bin Obama will make to the long-term good of the United States of America: Zero. It also strikingly captures the qualifications that BHO44 has for performing the job of President of the United States: Zero. And of course, it represents the real change that will ultimately be ushered in by The Messiah: Zero. Conversely, and somewhat frighteningly, it also represents the measure of the Dow Jones Industrial Average when Obama and Biden finish "guessing" about how to fix the economy: Zero.

Finally, I think that my offering should be adopted as the official Presidential Portrait of Barack Hussein Hoover Muhammad bin Obama because it accurately reflects who he is: an empty suit. A person of no distinction whatsoever. A person of such mild accomplishment that he reckons being the editor of the law review and managing his own campaign to be significant leadership experience. In short, a person of such minor accomplishment that he might as well not even exist. Al Bundy's four touchdowns in one game looks to be an astounding achievement by contrast.

Join me in petitioning the Office of the President and the eventual Presidential Library (certainly to be funded by various Kenyan, Iranian, and North Korean interests!), and all others in relevant authority, to adopt my artistic presentation as the official Presidential Portrait of Barack Hussein Hoover Muhammad bin Obama!

I have hope! Let's work for change! Let's change the Presidential Portrait from a mere picture to something really meaningful!


  1. Dude, sorry but I don't see anything inside the 'frame'.

    Of course, my idea of Obama is the empty frame or empty suit. But that's just me....

  2. Dude, I think you inadvertently stumbled upon the precise point I was making!