Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama to Democrat Fascist Brownshirts: GET IN THEIR FACE!

It is the stuff of perverted Saturday morning cartoons: Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama and his Gestapo clan at the DNC warble on about the right using "organized groups" to protest his attempted decline into Fascism via government-run and -rationed health care, while simultaneously sending out the SEIU thugs and other Democrat Brownshirts to physically assault normal citizens who are simply utilizing their First Amendment rights.

Remember, this is the same administration who refused to prosecute Black Panthers for polling-place intimidation that was caught on camera on election day in Philadelphia.

Welcome to Obama's Chicagoland thuggery as fully anticipated by Orwell....

Another perspective - notice the number of SEIU Union T-Shirts in this video, which, by happenstance (?) are similar in hue to those originally worn by the SS:

More Obamazombie thuggery, in Philadelphia on election day.

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  1. Kudos on story. See Dog owners are conservatives too. We have diversity.