Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Biden: Stimulus Failed

Over at Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, our fellow bloggers are making much (justified) hay over Joe Biden's continually running mouth. Now he may have let it run just a bit too much, and Obama may be contemplating a knife-sharpening session, either for Biden's back or Obama's own throat. Poor Obama. As a liberal, he can't be bound by the lessons of history, but that Joe Biden runs his mouth first and thinks about what he has said several days later is one historical truth he should have meditated upon.

Nevertheless, as Sherri makes clear, when you have somebody like Biden dropping verbal explosives thither and yon, every once in a while you will get a little nugget of truth that you hadn't counted on....

Sherri writes:

According to an AP article yesterday, Joe Biden admits to the failure of Obama’s Stimulus Package, saying:

“everyone guessed wrong” on the impact of the economic stimulus, but he defended the administration’s spending designed to combat rising joblessness.

He went on to add that inaccuracies in unemployment predictions shouldn’t undercut the White House’s support of the $787 billion economic revival plan that has not met the expectations of President Obama’s team.


Sheesh! That is what we’ve been trying to say since before the stimulus package was passed! Any idiot with any economic experience knew what would happen; but Obama and his crew of advisers know what is best for us, don’t they?

Now, Biden’s economic advisor is admitting that their projections were based on flawed research. And Biden is admitting that this flawed data was used to fasttrack passage of this massive economic travesty.

Biden said the White House is keenly aware of the gap between the rhetoric used to sell fast passage of the legislation and the reality that has 14.5 million people unemployed. The administration had predicted that the stimulus bill would create or save as many as 3.5 million jobs.

“No one realized how bad the economy was. The projections, in fact, turned out to be worse. But we took the mainstream model as to what we thought — and everyone else thought — the unemployment rate would be,” Biden said.

I love this approach - "nobody realized how bad the economy was." This of course is straight from the Billy Bob Clinton playbook as a justification for breaking campaign promises and explaining away the obvious consequences of incompetence.

All this is really just too precious. Obama's administration is run by guesswork ("everybody guessed wrong") and has admitted to what they spent years calling George W. Bush (a man with more character in his eyelid than this administration has in its totality) a "liar" for: "using rhetoric to sell" a legislative position when the facts were actually much different than the "guessing" would have indicated.

You can't make this stuff up.

And you can't make liberals see it.

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