Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama's Bacchanalia

I want to make sure that I understand what is going on here.

The Heritage Foundation recently posted figures that show that Obama's budget will send the national budget deficit soaring to levels not seen since World War II. As a percentage of GDP, it will increase from 40% during the Bush years to 82% by 2019.

Now, that means that for every dollar produced in the entire economy, the U.S. will accrue 82 cents in debt during that year.

We hear all of these factoids these days:

* Over the next ten years. the U.S. national debt will increase to nearly $20 trillion (and keep in mind that Obama inherited a $6 trillion national debt on his first day in office, accrued over 230 years of U.S. history).

* For every dollar that the U.S. spends today, it is borrowing 50 cents.

* Obama's cap-and-trade scheme will increase the energy bill of the average American family (not corporation - family) by $1,300 per year.

* Obama's CAFE standards will increase the cost of a new car in America by a figure between $1,300 and $7,000 per car.

* Obama's cap-and-trade scheme will cost 3-4 million jobs all by itself - that's not including other causes of unemployment.

* The current unemployment rate nationwide is approaching 9%.

* March housing starts were down 11%.

* Further deflation of the housing market nationwide is expected to be 10%-15% in some areas.

* More bailouts of the banks, the auto companies, and now California.

* Social Security may be insolvent as early as 2010.

And Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama has the solution: more deficit spending - and that, as far as the eye can see. Oh, and a government takeover of the health care industry as well; you know, with all that EXTRA money that we have.

This orgy, this bacchanalia of spending can only end one of two ways: either Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama is going to spend this nation into utter and complete oblivion, making us a second- or third-world nation, or the people are going to rebel and say "No more!"

Yesterday, the bluest of blue states rose up and said that not one more tax dollar could be granted to its profligate government as California voted down five of six referenda on state spending - approving only a referendum that capped the salaries of state officials.

Rightly or wrongly, voters in the special election refused either to extend new tax hikes or to cap state spending. They also declined to unlock funds that they had voted in better financial times to set aside for special purposes.

Not one county in California passed any of the rejected measures. The state as a whole rejected the emergency spending measures by more than a 60% vote.

Traditional wisdom states that what affects the rest of the country begins in California. Let's hope so. Obama is addicted; he is on a bender. He behaves like a madman on the juice. Only his bacchanalia is an orgy of spending. He is infected with the dread disease of socialism. He needs an intervention.

It is time for the people of the country to take the cue of the people of California and provide it for him.

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