Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama: A Lying Liberal of Clintonesque Proportions

Of course, people in the know warned that Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama was the most liberal member of the senate when he was running for office. Unfortunately, the folks who voted for him don't understand reality enough to differentiate between "tax and spend" and "rock star," so it really didn't matter.

* After the banks have twice been bailed out, Obama's proposed budget contains nearly $750 billion to bail them out once again ( ).

* Obama is proposing nearly $1 trillion dollars in NEW taxes beginning in 2011, with almost $650 BILLION of that falling on individuals, not the hated "corporations" that liberals aspire to destroy ( ).

*Obama ADMITS that his budget would cause a spike in the single-year deficit to unheard-of proportions, escalating the deficit nearly $2 trillion dollars to almost $4 trillion dollars ( ).

* Spending for Fiscal Year 2009 under Obama will be approximately $12,000 for EVERY AMERICAN - not every family - but EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN.

And like all Democrats, Obama, following in the path blazed by convicted perjurer Bill('sAFool) Clinton, is an inveterate liar.

* After "promising" to withdraw troops from Iraq, The Liar now requests almost $76 billion to extend operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan ( ).

* After flooding radio airwaves during his presidential campaign stating the absurdity that both he and McCain would equally preserve and protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans, The Liar now threatens a (so-called) "assault weapons ban" - realizing full well that "assault weapons" are not "assault weapons" at all, but rather are "scary looking" ( ).

* While admitting that his ridiculous budget proposals will produce increasing deficits for as far as the eye can see, The Liar titles his budget "A NEW ERA OF RESPONSIBILITY" ( ).

* After promising to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, upon his election, The Liar issued an executive order closing it, EXCEPT that it could be kept open for high-value prisoners "temporarily," and EXCEPT that it might be left open indefinitely ( ).

Hey, you jackasses who voted for this loser. Maybe read a newspaper before voting next time, huh?

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