Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN on Tax Evasion, Prostitution, Pimping, and Running for Congress (All Undoubtedly Related)

Well, at least the ACORN employee shows some insight when she says "anything the government ain't getting money from is illegal."

See the videos as ACORN employees, funded with taxpayer money and supported by Barack Hussein Hoover Muhammad bin Obama, encourage tax evasion, prostitution, child sex slavery, and even telling a self-proclaimed prostitute who claims to make $8,000 per month that, with expenses written off, she shouldn't have to pay any self-employment tax! One ACORN worker is so helpful as to advise the supposed pimp on how to instruct the underage Salvadoran children being imported for prostitution purposes on how to teach them to behave so as to avoid detection by the cops.

Most importantly, of course, is that the pimp remember to keep the child sex slaves in school! Way to show that civic-mindedness, ACORN! We wouldn't want our child sex slaves growing up illiterate, would we (else they might become supporters of Barack Obama!)? And lest our faux hooker become too uncomfortable with all of this intrigue and lying (after all, folks have been known to go to jail for this kinda stuff!), our imperious ACORN worker leans forward in a sympathetic manner and says, "Don't worry -you're fine." Now that's what the world needs more of - compassionate, sympathetic co-conspirators!

Perhaps the height of insanity is when the counselor encourages the pimp to claim a child tax credit for each of the 13 Salvadoran underage girls who will be held as sex slaves. But then, not to be outdone, these "community organizers" offer to give a 67% discount on tax preparation for the pimp! Good folks, these. I am gonna let them do my taxes.

Only in Barack's America....

Your tax money at work. Barack Obama's friends in their element.

How's that whole hopey-changey thingy workin' for ya'll these days?

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