Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Left-Wing Comic: Obama Should Resign

Ted Rall, a left-wing syndicated cartoonist, has become so frustrated with the Obama administration that he is calling for Barack Hussein Muhammad bin Obama's immediate resignation.

We expected broken promises. But the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Barack Obama’s inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory. This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of integrity and follow-through.

From health care to torture to the economy to war, Obama has reneged on pledges real and implied....

Obama is useless. Worse than that, he’s dangerous. Which is why, if he has any patriotism left after the thousands of meetings he has sat through with corporate contributors, blood-sucking lobbyists and corrupt politicians, he ought to step down now — before he drags us further into the abyss.

I'm going out on a limb and predicting 1) Obama never had any patriotism from which to have any left, 2) He won't be stepping down willingly, 3) His purpose is to drag us further into the abyss.

But nevertheless, Mr. Rall, we accept your apology for voting for this train-wreck of a man. And by the way, if you recognize a gap in a man's character that is so obvious that you can honestly say "We expected broken promises," perhaps don't vote for such a man in the future, huh?

If they will lie a little, they will lie a lot, my granddad always said....

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  1. rall is an absolute wretch. i guess this just illustrates that at some point it's inevitable that we'll all find ourselves in agreement with a wretch. hate to give him publicity though.